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Our Story

Yummy homemade treats for the whole family. Baked with a whole lot of love!

Our cookies and cakes have amusing stories of where it came from. The recipe invention process is filled with hours of experimental baking, a kitchen full of countless ingredients and the lingering savory aroma of rich cookie dough.

Made with only the finest ingredients available in stores, Farhana’s Oven takes pride in serving high quality cookies and cakes with no preservatives. Our secret ingredient? Lots of love and a deep, life-long passion of baking.

Undoubtedly, our signature recipes are the Afghan Cookies, Pistachio Munchies, Tanah Aina and Pistachio Yummies range. Why so? Because we are absolute nutters about nuts!

When a passionate baker produces five little bakers, you find best friends within a family and a business doing what you love!

Starting off with leisurely baking for family and friends, Farhana’s Oven officially opened their kitchen to a bigger audience in 1989. Founded by Puan Sri Sharifah Sabrina and named after her second daughter, Farhana’s Oven is a family-run business between a mother and her five children – all of whom innate with a deep rooted enthusiasm for baking.

Puan Sri Sharifah Sabrina started her passion of baking at the age of seven, and till now baking has been in her blood. Being a mother, Sabrina instilled the love of baking in her childrens, doing so by looking over them as they watch her get busy in the kitchen. Her five childrens soon caught on the mastery, and baking became a delicious bonding activity for the family.

Farhana’s Oven has come a long way since, always moving forward and keeping with times. The family pastime has become a long-running family business, and 25 years from its incorporation, Farhana’s Oven opened its first physical outlet in U1, Taman Mesra Batu 3. Serving their famed cookies and cakes, with additions of other delights, the family continues to keep other families’ tummies as satisfied as theirs!

Our Chief Cookie Officers are the ladies responsible in creating the mouth-watering goodies that you keep coming back for!

Founded by Puan Sri Sharifah Sabrina and jointly managed by herself and her five children, all four ladies and one son claim title to Chief Cookie Officers.

Sabrina, being an independent child, taught herself how to bake at a young age; self-experimenting with different types of ingredients and eventually creating her very own recipes. She then attained a formal education in baking, in which she graduated with a Diploma of Baking and Pastries from highly acclaimed Ecol de Patisserie (School of Baking and Culinary Arts), certified by City and Guilds International, London.

Following the footsteps of mummy dearest, Farhana is also pursuing higher education, getting accredited with Diploma in Pastry by City and Guilds International, along with a Certificate in Baking Science and Technology.

However, although formal studies in the matter is important, all siblings strongly insisted that they rather be learning the tricks of cookie baking from their mother!

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